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Fun Activities

There is so much to see and do in Zanzibar, and Garden Beach Villa has an extensive folder with excursions for all ages and types!

If you are the active type we can recommend all activities below

Diving in the Reef
Fiber Boat.jpeg

One with the Sea

Your trip to Zanzibar comes with various surprises, including the beauty of the Indian Ocean. We recommend you explore the world beneath the waves by taking a snorkeling or scuba diving excursion. Never dived or snorkeled before – we recommend a safe, professional and fun dive center to ensure you have the greatest experience possible. Our very own boat is available for charter so you can explore the sea and coast at your leisure. Snorkeling gear and light refreshments included.

Electric Bikes

Explore the beach and the neighborhood with ease on our electric scooters in an environmental-friendly way. Spark your passion by getting to know the rich culture and way of the of island and people of Zanzibar.

Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania

Tour Zanzibar

Zanzibar is widely regarded as one of the most intriguing and beautiful tropical islands in the world. Garden Beach Villas are located on the most beautiful stretch of beach, near the fishing village called Pwani Mchangani, which means “the beach with the fine sand”. While many of our guests choose to chill and enjoy the villa and beach for those who wish to explore we offer a variety of tours and excursions which we book with local companies, supporting the community.


On arrival at Garden Beach Villa Zanzibar, you will meet your own private chef. Omar and Mati will delight you with their passion for cooking and wide range of recipes. We are used to catering for groups of friends as well as families and prepare menus to your preferences using the beautiful fresh produce of Zanzibar and Tanzania.

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